Our Mission is an official organisation in the Swiss canton (state) of Vaud, a broad geographic area including Lausanne and many other communities. Our community is very diversified, with many countries of origin, all social levels, a richness of cultural and work backgrounds and a large number of young families with children.
The Mission is managed by the Association of Our Lady of Faith and specifically by its Council, elected yearly by the entire community. Members of our community include permanent residents, people living here for several years as well as those who come for a short stay or who simply travel through the region for leisure, business or family reasons.
No matter your background and the intensity of your Catholic practice, we are pleased to welcome you, your family and your children.  Do not hesitate to contact us for any special need you might have!

About the Community

A group of people who wished to attend Mass in English was lead by a Holy Ghost priest, Fr Frank Culhane, in the 1960s and 1970s. Eventually, in order to exist officially, the Association of Our Lady of Faith was founded.

The Association is  a legal entity according to the civil law and is governed by that law.  To see a 'Who's Who' of our Council click on 'read more'.



News, Events & Mass Times

ASH WEDNESDAY, 26 February 2020: Mass and the distribution of ashes at 7pm in B√©thusy chapel.  (Outer door code: 1245.)  Ashes will also be distributed after this weekend's Masses (6pm Saturday in Notre Dame, Vevey; 10.30am Sunday in Champittet).

AGM: Sunday, 1 March 2020: 9.30am in Champittet chapel.  Please join the meeting after dropping your children in catechism.

The Mission holds many activities throughout the year: baptisms (click on 'read more' for further info), catechism classes, marriages, bake sales and numerous social events. Visit this page regularly so that you're up to date on what's happening at the Mission and when. 

If you have any questions, contact Fr Steve, Pam Molaschi (Mission Admin) or send us an email using the contact page on this website.    There will be no 5.30pm Mass on the last Saturday of each month in Bethusy.  There will, instead, be Mass at 6pm in Notre Dame, rue des Chenevi√®res 10, 1800 Vevey.


Catechism Programme

The Catechism Programme for children aged 5 years and upwards and runs from September to June each year.  Families with children already in the Programme receive their registration form in May/June for the year starting in September.

If you would like to enroll a child for the first time please email us. One registration form per family is required.  (Click on 'read more' for the 2019-20 schedule.)



Volunteers and Groups

The Mission depends entirely on volunteers to help with the smooth-running of its day to day activities.  We encourage everyone to volunteer in whichever facet of church life best suits their abilities and availabilty. For more information, contact Fr Steve or Pam Molaschi (Mission Admin) or send us an email.