Volunteers and Groups

The Mission depends entirely on volunteers to help with the smooth-running of its day to day activities.  We encourage everyone to volunteer in whichever of facet of church life best suits their abilities and availability.


Choir/Musicians: Our choir and musicians welcome new members to enhance our Eucharistic celebrations with their musical (piano, guitar, flute) and vocal gifts.  Anyone with an interest in music or singing is welcome to join them by the piano each Sunday.  

Eucharistic Ministers: experience not necessary.  Please talk to Fr Steve if you'd like to join this group.

Readers: We're always pleased to welcome new readers.  Email us if you'd like to join the rota.  The readings for the following Saturday/Sunday can be found each Monday here: http://www.catholicireland.net


Sacristy GroupWe have a very small group of people who set things up for Mass and provide a comfortable, welcoming place of worship for everyone.  If you can help too, simply go to the sacristy 30 minutes before each Mass and someone will show you the ropes.  Likewise, after Mass, help is appreciated in putting things away.  If you can help in the sacristy perhaps once a month we'd be delighted.  Again please email us to help.

Children’s Liturgy GroupChildren’s Liturgy is held on several non-Catechism Sundays throughout the year.  All children who are interested (very young ones to be accompanied by a parent) leave the chapel at the beginning of the 10.30am Mass for approximately 30 minutes to explore that Sunday’s liturgy together in a child-friendly way.  They return to Mass at the Offertory to talk about what they have learned.  If you would like to join the group of volunteers leading children's liturgy (once a year) in the future please send us an email.  Prior experience isn't necessary, just enthusiasm.  You will be guided with ideas and resources.  As well as adults, we encourage our teenagers who have been confirmed to get involved with this initiative – it promises to be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Catechism Teachers and Assistants: The Mission is grateful to the group of dedicated individuals, who freely give their time to share, with the parents, the responsibility of leading the next generation of the Community in the Roman Catholic Faith and in passing on the principles of Christianity, and thus build a strong, spiritual younger generation.  Because of the transient nature of our Community we are always looking for new volunteers to either teach or to help in our classes.  Please send us an email if you'd like to join the team.
Online Prayer Network: To be part of our Online Prayer Network please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Prayer requests will be forwarded to you and you can join the others in our network who will pray for these special intentions.  If you have a prayer request (which will remain private if you so wish) send the details to the email address above.

Women's Discussion Group:
Solidarity: The group serves as a non-judgmental place for women of all ages and faiths.
Spiritual Support: It offers ideas and exchanges that support a pragmatic spiritual approach.  For example, creation of a virtual prayer group, a help hotline for members of the community and group discussions around ideas such as forgiveness, gratitude, etc. 

Connections:  The group will provide service and ideas that help you connect with the local community, the church and yourself.  We also would like to reach out to other faiths in the community and form stronger interfaith connections.Service: It will encourage women to be active members in the local community and church through acts of service. It will support, provide information and encourage women to serve the local community, the church and themselves in a meaningful way.  Our hope and intention is that by openly sharing personal and professional experiences women will understand that they are not alone in their search for spiritual/personal/professional happiness.  

Other areas where we are always looking for volunteers – to bring altar flowers (a sign-up sheet is circulated at church twice a year), to take part in the collection and Offertory procession, to help with any aspect of our fundraising campaign.  There really is something for everyone and, remember, your Mission needs YOU!