Catechism Programme

The Catechism Programme for children aged 5 and upwards runs from September to June each year.

Families with children already in the Programme receive their registration form in May/June for the year starting in September.  If you'd like to register your child email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Forms should be completed and returned asap as they are the basis for our planning, purchase of books, use of classroom space, etc.  
One registration form per family is required. 

Catechism Schedule 2019-20

September 8
September 22
October 6*
November 3
November 24
December 1
December 8*
January 12
February 2*
March 1
March 29*
April 5
May 3*
May 17
June 7
June 14*


*Children's Mass: The liturgy is presented by some of the children who attended catechism class that morning.  If your child wouldl like to take part (readings, prayers, offertory or collection) please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All classes at Champittet 9.30am to 10.20am followed by Mass at 10.30am (attendance at which is presumed and expected).  We accept that occasionally you might not be able to stay for Mass but that should be the exception rather than the norm.

Dates to Note
Children’s Penitential Services: will be arranged on a class by class basis throughout the year
Commencement Ceremony Mass: 24 November 2019 (introducing our 2020 FHC candidates)
Mini Retreat for Confirmation Class: to be advised
First Confession: 9 May 2020
Rehearsal for Confirmation Mass: 6 June 2020
Confirmation Mass: 7 June 2020
Rehearsal for First Holy Communion Mass: 20 June 2020
First Holy Communion Mass: 21 June 2020
Other Dates
First Sunday of Advent: 1 December 2019
Ash Wednesday: 26 February 2020
Palm Sunday: 5 April 2020
Easter Sunday: 12 April 2020
 Ascension Sunday: 24 May 2020
Pentecost Sunday: 31 May 2020

Our Religious Education programme has been developed to cater for the needs of our community members whose children attend schools where religious education is not offered as a subject.  We hope that what we offer will provide an opportunity for your child’s faith to be grown in an English-speaking environment.

Parental Responsibility
The Church teaches us that ‘the parents are the first teachers in the faith’ and that ‘responsibility for educating your child in the faith lies with you’. What we offer is a structure that we hope will support you doing that within your family.
We appreciate that living in an environment where Catholic schooling in English is not easily available can make living the faith more of a challenge. At Our Lady of Faith we are constrained by having to work within school terms and, combined with other holiday factors, this means that we have only 16 Sundays in a school year in which to teach a complete course. Therefore, if your child is to benefit from what is offered we ask you to make a conscious effort to bring them to class (on time) and to reinforce the teaching at home, making sure your child does any homework (or reviewing the lesson with them afterwards) and makes up for any missed lessons. Our volunteer teachers and assistants can only deliver the course successfully with parental help and support.

We are pleased to offer 9 different Catechism classes, 4 of which prepare children for the sacraments of Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. When we have sufficient volunteer teachers we add extra sacrament preparation classes, dividing the children into age-appropriate groups. Otherwise we are only able to offer one group per year, regardless of the age-range of the children. Teaching a wide-ranging age group is far from ideal so we always welcome volunteer teachers.

Group Name Age range
Infants Ages 5-6
Pre-First Holy Communion Ages 6-7+ Year 1 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession
First Holy Communion Ages 7-8+ Year 2 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession
Post FHC 1 Ages 8-9
Post FHC 2 Ages 9-10
Post FHC 3 Ages 10-11
Post FHC 4 Ages 11-12
Pre-Confirmation Ages 12-13+ Year 1 of preparation for Confirmation
Confirmation Ages 13-14* Year 2 of preparation for Confirmation


The diocese gives permission for our students to be Confirmed once they have reached the age of 14 (as opposed to 16 elsewhere in the Diocese) and following two years of preparation at the Mission.

Infants: A gentle and fun introduction to religious education. Lessons include a bible story, question and answer session about the story, songs/poems related to the theme of each lesson, a simple craft activity and prayers.

The four Post-FHC classes comprise a special and unique group of children, who benefit greatly from the small-sized classes. These students are at a crucial age where they appreciate going to a place where they can explore their spirituality, learn more about the basic tenets of the Catholic faith without having to focus on preparation for a Sacrament.

This is an age-group in our community which would benefit from spiritual guidance. As they struggle with moral decisions, school pressures, peer pressure, etc, they are somehow left alone - no Religious Education programme, no pressure to attend Mass. We would like, eventually, to extend the focus of the Children’s Liturgy to a "Teen" Liturgy; when this group could have their own time to discuss the Gospel and its relevance to their daily life. This would provide stability in their lives and give them something to fall back on, steering them towards God and towards making the right choices. Until then, we encourage our post-Confirmation teenagers to help with our Children’s Liturgy Programme or to volunteer in other areas of the Mission’s life. 

CHF100 per child (or CHF250 for 3+ children in the programme) should be paid into our bank account - see details below - and must have reference 'Catechism 19-20' (in order to distinguish them from general donations).  Bulletins de versements available from Pam.
BCV Bank
Account No: 10-725-4
IBAN: CH08 0076 7000 K534 3156 6
Account Name: English Catholic Mission
Address: Ave de Bethusy 54, 1012 Lausanne
UBS Bank
Account Number: 243-G02535945 (Please note: G025 = G 'zero' 25)
IBAN :CH12 0024 3243 G025 3594 5; BUC : UBSWCHZH80A (Please note: G025 = G 'zero' 25)
Account Name: Mission et Communauté Catholique de Langue Anglaise
Address: Avenue de Béthusy 54, 1012 Lausanne


Why do we charge a catechism fee?  To cover cost of books, shipping, classroom rental, printing of registration letters/forms and of FHC/Confirmation Mass booklets and certificates – and remaining money goes to cover the running costs of the Mission.

Can classes be scheduled on a different day of the week?  Not possible as many of the students have commitments during the week as do the teachers, some of whom travel for work, and Champittet is unlikely to allow us to use their premises when their own students and teachers will be present.

Could there be fewer classes in the ski season?  We have already reduced the number of classes in ski season from 7 to 4.  Too big a gap between lessons would result in a lack of continuity and there aren’t enough free Sundays in April-June on which we could re-schedule the ‘ski season’ classes, with school holidays, long weekends and our FHC and Confirmation Masses.

Can children get involved by becoming altar servers/eucharistic ministers?  Yes - altar servers should be post-FHC, eucharistic ministers post-Confirmation.

What else there is for our 13-18 year olds?  They’re welcome to join our music group, sign up to our readers’ list or help with children’s liturgy.